What can I do to be sure of good personal hygiene when travelling?


As well as washing your hands thoroughly and frequently, use the following tips to prevent becoming infected.
• Keep your nails short and clean
• No toilets available, or no clean ones? Use the Care Plus TravelJohn
• Do not share your towel with anyone else
• Wear cotton underwear
• Wear flip-flops in the shower
• Wear thick shoes on sandy ground
• Wear water shoes when in the sea. Sea urchins and coral can cause unpleasant skin infections
• Shaving or being shaved? Only with a new sterile blade or shaver
• Use an effective anti-insect product
• Protect yourself against insects with an impregnated mosquito net and Bugsox
• Bring condoms with you from home and keep them where it is not too warm
• Do not get any tattoos or piercings when abroad, as there is a risk of contracting hepatitis B
• Do not touch any animals. Animals such as dogs, cats, bats, and monkeys may be infected with rabies. After contact with an animal, use soap and water to wash the skin or wound straight away, and then disinfect it with alcohol 70% or Betadine. Then consult a doctor.


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