How do I protect my ears against water, the wind, and noise?

Flexible Earplugs protect your ears against water, noise, dust, and the wind. Our Flexible Earplugs have been designed primarily to keep water out of the auditory canal while swimming and playing water sports. The silicone ear plugs reduce surrounding noises and are advisable for those seeking uninterrupted sleep. The malleable and colourless silicones adopt the shape of the auricle and are comfortable to use.

The Care Plus ear plugs are made from medical-quality silicone, are washable, and can be used on multiple occasions.
Care Plus ear plugs are also safe for use with children aged three years and over. Flexible Earplugs can be separated and kneaded. For a young child, you can simply cut an ear plug down the middle, knead it as necessary, and put it in place.

Keep the ear plugs in the handy container and close it firmly.


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