What should I look out for when doing sports in hot weather?

Apart from buying and drinking from O.R.S. bags, what else can athletes do in order to reduce the risk of dehydration? Wear light and loose-fitting clothing that does not absorb any heat unnecessarily, and which allows sweat to evaporate. If you are suddenly faced with higher temperatures, give your body time to adjust. Acclimatisation can take as much as a week.
Avoid the afternoon heat and practise sports in the mornings or evenings. Are you training for a run or for a competition? In that case, schedule your training sessions at the same time as the event is due to take place, so that your body can get used to the weather conditions in advance. The most important tip: arrange regular drink breaks for yourself and take O.R.S. bags for the sake of your moisture management. You can of course also use the O.R.S. Scoop to make O.R.S. yourself. But be careful: when you are thirsty, you have lost too much liquid!


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